A video of Diamond Platnumz snubbing Tanasha Donna's kiss live on stage has surfaced. On Saturday night, the two performed their collabo Gere at event and while on stage, Tanasha tried to kiss her baby daddy but it didn't go well.

In a video that has gone viral, Diamond can be seen moving away so as to block Tanasha from planting a kiss on wherever part of his face she wanted to.

Click to watch the video

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 Kenyans have reacted to the video and reactions include;

ladashastacy Mlisema huruma ni estate tu😂😂

tinakaggia it has started

perffect_skin Yaani wanawake sisi Umaskini unatuponza sana let's find Money tulee watoto wetu.


Bosco Joseph Woiyee

Merab Johnson Woooi hii ni level 101 kind of heartbreak

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flaqo411 🤡🤡😭😭💔💔

Julius Yiminyi Simba hamjafanya poa apa😀😀😀😀

Onekeshy Sharice Woiyee our gal loves this man to the core. Dee loves zee deeply only that they can't be together due to circumstances. Aki clearly Tanasha is desperate for dee's love but we all know in a relationship y'all can't love 50/50 unless you're the exact mirror image of the other's counterpart and we all know dee na tee si mirror image hawana same characters

its__.c.a.r.o.l Wueeeeeeh😂😂mambo gani haya

tineddy_ 😂😂😂alikataa hii kitu 😂🙌

offlcialruby Hio kiss imerukwa ama sijaona poa😂

Steve Katush Ile msemo bado iko “ukiachwa achika”.

Lilian Wagathura 🤣🤣missed call

Mai Muna 😭😭 Ushawahi ona haya on behalf of someone? Jamani.

Mercy Buke Things dry spell will make you do 😂

Chebet Ruto Why would she wanna kiss him when she can do that in private if she wants to, she just wanted to say something to him

Victor Omoro Why force love surely

Valency Awour Tanasha Darling come back home!!!

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