Today morning during the Kiss FM morning show, Kamene Goro and Jalango highlighted the case of Julius Wambua -  the man jailed for 9-years over defilement charges brought on by his own daughter and wife.

Jalang'o who is a father of daughters told listeners,

"My daughter Sally (8-years-old) is growing fast and I always ask myself what is it that I do that will push my daughter to the wall to a point she would want to get rid of me? Is it that I have denied her to date whoever she wants to date? Is it that I have denied her access to whatever she wants? Is it that I have barred her from going to dunda?" Jalang'o said.

Kamene weighed in on the case and said,

"Weird things happen in the family and I think till you head in your 30’s you realize there are no perfect families." Said Kamene.

Jalang'o added,

The young generation who look up to us as their brothers and sisters, people go through a lot and get to a point where you feel my parents are not looking after me and decide to frame them ndio atuondokee.