Otile Brown is not scared that Kenyans fans who adore Diamond Platnumz will love his music any less. Actually, he encourages it.

This comes after Octopizzo called Kenyan fans mediocre for supporting Damond's Waah hit single featuring Koffi Olomide.

To clarify the situation, Otile Brown took to his social media pages and posted a statement.

He wrote,

"Support who you like, support what you like...music has no boundaries. Jealousy is a sign of weakness and it ain't for us if you ain't popping you just ain't, even if you try to bring your competition down you can never force people to like your shi*.

I got nothing but love for every artist even foreign artists! I Might poke them sometimes but it's nothing personal. This is just entertainment just because we are vouched for in this complaints doesn't mean we feel/ think the same way.

Our brother deserves it he has worked for it. I got respect for all artist regardless of the music they sing if it makes money it makes sense, do you. Let us stop whining ikibuma turudi jikoni.

For our media keep supporting us, not only big hits or big artists....when a song is good peana shaba even if it's to an upcoming artist.  It's okay not to like my music or support. A hustler will always be one. Support what you like !!'

Though to each their own I agree we should promote our own but if you don't feel the vibe, it's fine to listen to whatever you want to, after all, you can't force people to play Kenyan music.