After months of speculation, Akothee's daughter Rue Baby has confirmed that she is not dating nor has she ever dated MCA Tricky.

Tricky who is a well known Churchill comedian-cum-radio host has for long been rumoured to be dating Akothee's daughter.

Speaking during an interview with Nana Owiti, Rue explained

'Tricky and I are just good friends. We just do skits together.

Plus there has never been a place where he called me his girlfriend so It's never been official.'

Asked on whether she is currently dating Rue responded

''I can't say, I will leave it hanging. Naeza uliwa because you never know Madam boss might be watching.' She joked

Having been the Face of Niveaa before Rue says it was an amazing experience adding that she almost gave up

'There was so much hate with people saying that I got the chance because of my mother, which is not true.

So bad were things that I told the Nivea management that I did not want to do it anymore. 

It took me a year to grow a tough skin as I was still new in the industry. Right now there is nothing new (trolls) that people can tell me.

I have been told i'm too skinny, that am too dark or that I have such a bad dental formula, hakuna kitu ingine wanaeza niambia.'

Rue is a professional model.

She also runs her own fashion line which for now focuses on bikinis as she wants to empower women to be confident in their own bodies.