Jacqueline Mengi widow to the late Tanzanian billionaire Reginald Mengi has advised young men and women to choose spouses that their children can look up to.

According to Miss Mengi, just getting a husband who will look like your kids is not enough.

Sharing the advise on her social media platform she penned.

'Dear young men and women,when choosing a potential husband or wife you must pick someone who if it’s a husband he’s the kind of husband whom you’d want your son to look up to and not only look like!

And the same with a wife, the kind of woman who you’d like your daughter to be like in terms of character and behavior.

Choose well and remember while looks are important, they’re not everything. A good heart, a great character, and intelligence goes a long way.'

Jacqueline was married to the late Tanzanian billionaire Reginald Mengi and together they had two twin boys.

According to the businessman in an interview with Citizen TV last year, the two met during a concert in the United Kingdom in 2010.

His advances were at first turned down but he never gave up and finally he wooed her.

Before marrying Mengi, Jacqueline was best known as K Lynn for those who knew her from her musical days.

She had hits back in the early 2000s like; ‘Crazy Over You’ and ‘Nalia Kwa Furaha’.

She was also a former Miss Tanzania.