Fellas, do you wish to be present in the delivery room with your wife? Some people assume that such a move ruins a relationship but for others, it's a life changing moment.

For some it does the exact opposite.

Below are celebs who were in the delivery rooms with their kids.

Frankie Kiarie

Frankie also known as FrankieJustGymIt was previously married to You Tuber Maureen Waititu.

He was in the delivery room during the birth of their son.

Many people assumed that being in the living room was one of the reasons they broke up, but it was not.

Phil Karanja

Phil Karanja was in the delivery room to witness the birth of his daughter Karla.

One of the 'gifts' he got is a bite from his wife Kate Actress.

The reason was because he annoyed her after trying out some moves he had seen.

Kabi was Jesus

Kabi, who is married to Milly, was in the delivery room to welcome his son, a few months ago.

His presence attracted different reactions with some criticizing him as he was crying so hard after holding his son.

Would you allow your man into the delivery room to watch as you give birth?

Men would you willingly watch your baby being delivered?