A Nairobi based producer has put singer Otile Brown on blast for sampling his beats and not crediting or paying him.

The producer, Makoy, claims he handed Otile a demo and Otile went ahead and used it without his consent. Neither did he pay him for it.

In an angry Instagram post, Makoy wrote,

"I'm shocked this guy @otilebrown samples my beats, 2 of them, now the latest jam #vibaya one of the two beats he produced using this guy myambo @vickypondis. Lipia beat upewe acha kusample demo banaa."

He continued,

"@vickypondis_producer @otilebrown, so you guys decided kusample beat yangu hapo blue ink ndio mcheze chini ya maji 😆😆😆 najua io dancehall ilikua hard kusample mkaamua kusample something cheap 😁😁👐👐,,,,PENDING!!!!!!!"


"I spend my time in studio making beats to earn @otilebrown you stole my beat to make money instead of paying for it @vickypondis_producer bana 👉 I HATE YOU ujue ivo, io vibe it took me 10 minutes kucreate beat ni yangu tag ni yako. "

Makoy did not take it lightly, he went on Youtube and reported the single, Vibaya by Otile. He claimed it infringed on his copyright.

You will not be able to find the song.

Makoy said, "VIBAYA song by @otilebrown is no more on youtube nimeitoa mimi mwenyewe nitarudisha if only my beat is payed for. Afike bei."

He added, "Dont use my vibe to make money. I take my time to make beats to get money."

Otile Brown responded to the claims in an Instastory saying,

"Vibaya was flagged working on it."

He shared the backend status of the song on the YouTube platform.