Senje is not an elderly woman! Bien explains viral song phrase

Piece by: Elizabeth Ngigi

Sauti Sol's Bien has explained who Suzanna is in their latest hit.

'Suzanna' is about everything people use to conceal our real image.

He says that include makeup, alcohol, stunting on the Gram, to the street monikers…all that explain Suzanna.

Speaking to Word Is on Thursday, he said,

"Suzanna is everything that you use to mask the real you. I have tried to be so many people before I settled on being Bien. What most people do not know is that the song is an old ballad whose time had come."


"I wrote the song two years ago and forgot about it. When we were doing the album, I decided to finish it and it sounded so great. Once I shared it on my Instagram, it went viral."

He then said that on a different occasion, while in a hotel in Nakuru he heard the video being played. It's then we decided to release the song. After realizing its popularity, Sauti Sol dropped the jam early this month.

Asked why they opted for the title 'Suzanna' and not 'Senje'(aunt) he said it's because Suzanna was a much more global context.

Senje is an aunt but in this context, it's the random aunt who everyone relates to including touts. E.g, when they tell you 'Aunty unashukia wapi?

Suzanna' is the first single off their forthcoming album 'Midnight Train'.

Sauti Sol was also signed by Universal Music Africa this year. This makes them the first Kenyan artistes to be taken up by the universal music giants. The international recording company has its African offices in South Africa as well as Nigeria.

This comes a month before Sauti Sol releases a new album after a one-year break.

"We also took time and recorded our album in South Africa, and now we are good to go. It is going to be a big thing for Sol Generation," Bien said.

The album has 20 songs, mostly rhumba music, with local and international artistes.