DJ Moh - real name Nicholas Mugo Mwangi - is currently in the custody at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations after he was arrested for partying with a firearm in a city club.

DCI tweeted:

"Following Public outcry of a DJ displaying a Firearm in public, DCI_Kenya Detectives from SCPU last night arrested Mr. Nicholas Mugo MWANGI at SpaceLounge Club, Ngong Rd. A Steyr Pistol & 174 rounds of Ammunitions confiscated. He’s in our custody helping with investigations."

DJ Moh was spotted partying at K1 during his brother's birthday. The photo that was posted on Instagram and pulled down moments later went viral.

This caught the attention of DCI.

DJ Moh had a newly designed Steyr Pistol. It is available in 3 sizes – (L-Large; M-Medium and C-Compact) with 17rnd magazine, a real Picatinny rail (MilStd. 1913) at the forend and a fully adjustable grip.

The back strap, as well as both sides of the grip, are adjustable with different sized inlays. The grip also features a funnel for a quick magazine change.

In Kenya, there are only two retailers who sell the pistol. From the Steyr Pistol website, the retailers are in Meru and Nairobi. See the map below.

DJ Moh's arrest raises questions about security at the club, licencing and ownership of the pistol.

In Kenya, the Firearms and Licensing Board are responsible for regulating, licensing and controlling the manufacture, importation, exportation, transportation, sale, repair, storage, possession and use of firearms, ammunition, airguns and destructive devices.

First-time applicants are required to make an application in-person with the Firearms Bureau in Nairobi area.

The requirements are...

  1. Be at least 21 years old.
  2. Be well trained in handling firearms. A potential gun holder must have training on the use of small arms and in the process. A certificate is then issued to prove that one is capable of owning a gun.
  3. Have a clear criminal record. A potential firearm holder needs to get clearance from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations as well as fill a form with the Kenya Firearms Act.
  4. Fit mental record.

The license is valid for one year from the date when it was granted or last renewed.

Requirements for the current vetting process include:

  • Copy of ID or PASSPORT.
  • Certificate of good conduct from DCI.
  • Psychiatric report from a government hospital.
  • Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC).
  • 6 Month bank statement.
  • Vetting in Nairobi is at the Police Pavilion in South C.