Rapper Florence Kutoto, aka Noti Flow, has dispelled rumours by a section of her fans that she has bleached her skin.

She has long been accused of using skin lightening products given the big difference between her current and old photos.

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In an Interview with , Noti Flow said she doesn't use skin lightening:

'There's a difference between my lifestyle a few years back and now. I definitely eat healthier. I don't have stress. If I was using an LG or Tecno back then i'm using an iPhone now. I didn't use to have photographers and professional videographers back then but now I do. Really you don't expect me to look the same.'

She went ahead to reveal that she's using cocoa butter and not lightening creams.

'i'm impressed that people actually think I 'bleached' Means I look way better than before and it's a blessing. People talk either way. Tell em to drink a lot of clean water like me & shut up. Hizi ni effects za cocoa butter.'

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With many women using skin-lightening products to 'enhance' beauty Noti says,

'It is okay for someone to lighten their skin if they want to. It's their skin Duuh. It's the 21st century.'

Asked if she would lighten her skin, she said:

'Why not? Although I don't think ad wanna be too light. I kinda like my complexion.'

She told those claiming she bleached her skin:

'If they were watching my music same way they watch and observe any slight change of my skin tone, my music would be international. Support Kenyan music.'

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