Pastor James Ng'ang'a is no stranger to controversy. The man of God has been in the limelight before and because of a court case that involved a car accident.

To say that the video was disturbing is an understatement, with many Kenyans debating the validity of the "Miracle". When Edaily spoke to him, he said:

If anything, I wasn’t casting demons out of the musician. She was unwell. She, therefore, requested for spiritual healing from me. I only facilitated that. Rose Muhando is like a patient in hospital. Do you usually call the doctor to inquire the health details of a patient you are not related to? No, you don’t. So, kindly keep off the Rose Muhando issue.

The Tanzanian singer had been plagued by a series of scandals and misfortunes over the past few years. The pastor also questioned Royal media services reporters who approached him for a comment. He asked them:

I own the rights to the video doing the rounds on social media, showing Ms Muhando being delivered from demons. You do not own the rights to that video. So, why would you call me over that clip? Who is your supervisor? I should call him or her and ask him to drive sense into you. Why are you interested in a video that you don’t have any rights to?