The 100-year-old granny Margaret Ngima, who was jailed after she failed to pay a fine of Kshs. 100,000 has been freed. Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko came to her rescue after a local newspaper published the story which left many wagging tongues.

The granny was sentenced to three months imprisonment by the Embu High Court for contempt of court together with her sons  on March 10.

After helping the old Vitimbi comedian Mzee Ojwang,', Sonko thought it was also a good idea to help the old granny, and this is what he wrote on his social media after paying her fine accompanied by pictures:

"Watu Wangu,

Finally Our Grandma Ngima Gakoromo Margaret Ngina is free courtesy of Sonko Rescue team and can afford to smile once again after being behind bars because of lack of Kshs. 100,000 bond due to a Land Case.

This late evening I was shocked and found myself emotional when I read a story about our beloved 100 year old granny from Embu who was jailed for failing to raise a fine amounting to Kshs. 100,000 while we have well-connected individuals implicated in Multi-Million Shilling Public Rip-offs continuing to roam in the streets scot-free.

Sonko Rescue Team was dispatched to help bail out the granny...We could not believe and accept that she spends a 2nd Night in a Cell.

Sonko Rescue Team will later perform a Full Medical Check-up to make sure that she is all round okay after the unexpected humiliation she underwent.

Let us all Learn to Respect, Love and Protect the ELDERLY especially women...They took care of us when we were young and It is now our turn to take real care of them.

We also hereby call for further and thorough investigations on the entire land saga.

God Bless and Protect All the Elderly in Our Community, God Bless and Protect us All!!

Nawapenda Wote na muwe na Usiku Mwema."

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