I have always been a number one fan of our local football. Despite the many challenges that our local sportsmen and women face; training under harsh conditions, they always bring pride to our country.

If I remember well, Jubilee government promised to provide both national and domestic leagues with all support they require while respecting their autonomy and also facilitate and encourage better management of sports but none has been fulfilled.

Earlier on today, Kiambu governor William Kabogo was in his county supporting local talent and this is what he had to say "In Supporting local talents through sports, I joined Hon. Patrick Chege - MCA Gitothua Ward at Ruiru stadium during the Ruiru Subcounty football tournament. The tournament has been organised by the MCA. I congratulate all the 46 teams that participated in the tournament. My government shall continue supporting these initiatives to empower the youth."

Could this be the start of Jubilee government to fulfill their promises to Kenya’s sports industry?

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