The gorgeous Anita Gaitho is a fast-rising fashion blogger based in Nairobi. She’s been blogging for about three years now but did not start designing her own clothes until much later. Characteristic of a warm, bubbly, mildly-serious and cheeky persona, Anita is the ultimate storyteller.

Her blog is an outstanding destination when it comes to style inspiration. It is all you need if you are a girl looking for a fashionable stylista to look up to.

Anita is well endowed physically. She’s got curves and a sizeable ass of which she tells me she’s aware of the buzz it creates, only pointing out that it’s “not a fat a**.” This you’ll see in part 3 of our interview. Anita is brainy by default and cheeky by nature.

Her style can be summarized as classy and trendy. She’s a fan of dresses that perfectly accentuate her feminine curves as well as show her inner muse. She channels woman power through her outfits on her blog,, something that can be a little intimidating for prospective suitors. But that doesn’t seem to be keeping Sauti Sol’s Savara from commenting on her IG photos. She’s naturally an attractive lady.

Talking of attraction, she stole the heart of a petrol company head and they recently had a Ruracio (traditional wedding) and she’s getting married officially in 5 months. There it is; don’t even think of hitting up on her. She’s already taken, bro.

On winning the BAKE Award 2015 where she’s been nominated alongside the likes of Sharon Mundia (This Is Ess), Silvia Njoki and Joy Kendi, she says it is more of a popularity contest. She says that the contestants with the most contestants will obviously win the award and it should have been in a format where judges get to choose who deserves the award.

In the coming parts of the interview, she reveals how she reacts to some of her star-struck fans, if she’s ever been sent nude pictures as well as advice for young people intending to venture into fashion.

Watch the interview below: