Governor Mike Sonko has been called out by Nairobi Women’s Representative Esther Passaris for stooping too “low” in his diatribe.

Sonko went on a rant criticizing Passaris who had called him out on various issues. To cap it all he insulted her saying, it is not a must he picks her phone calls.

Passaris regretted that the governor had resorted to insults instead of the actual issues that are bedevilling the county, Some of which she claims he is the source.

Anyhow, read about that drama in the link below.

‘Mimi sio bwana yako,’ Sonko blasts Passaris

Passaris also intimated that he could just be frustrating her projects out of spite.

“I went to his office about a month ago seeking approval for projects to help the people of Nairobi. I have been running around his office from one office to another trying to get this letter,” Passaris explained.

“He said that my projects were good because I shared them with him but it is unfortunate that he had to go that low. For me, as a woman who is fighting for other women to be empowered and respected, I felt that he went a bit too low knowing that he knows my husband and has met him on several occasions.”

Women Rep Esther Passaris

Passaris added, “To say that ‘I’m not your husband!’ Well, he is not my husband, that is factual but you don’t do that in a national event to celebrate Kenya.”

She continued, “I excused myself to the county commissioner who is a woman. I told her, ‘Look, I have to leave’. And I walked away because I felt it is disrespectful. I think it is a real shame.”

Passaris responded to a tweep who also felt the same way.

Passaris response to Sonko
Esther Passaris Twitter response

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KOT reacted to the incident. Here are some of their reactions.

@AugustusRush1 tweeted, “What I saw yesterday is beneath any govt office and lack of civility plus decency. You know Kenya is doomed when a whole governor is bashing out another leader and you hear some chicken heads applause for such. Is that what Sonko would want to see done to his wife or daughter?”

Another tweep, @TJ_TheDoc, added, “Walking out of Sonko’s meeting has the same effect as walking out of a meeting of makangas. Why was she there in the 1st place? She should have been at the national celebrations in Narok.”

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