Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has posted a clap back video to get back at Twitter trolls.

A while back, people went ham on her for wearing a sexy black dress,

Passaris defended her dress choice saying, “My husband bought me that dress and I have no apologies when I wear it. #MyDressMyChoice.”

In a tweet she wrote, “Do they not know that beneath every dress or suit is a NAKED being? Above every NAKED being is a dress or suit. The difference is in spread and texture based on culture and season. #It’sMyBody #ItsMyChoice #ItsMyDress.”

That came after some naughty tweeps took to Twitter and posted photoshopped On Tuesday, Passaris sought help from Twitter users to find culprits behind a fake photo of her juxtaposed next to Governor Mike Sonko in a bed.

She was able to track down the culprits behind the photo and rewarded the Kenyan who helped her with Sh10,000.

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Now, she is back to give trolls something to talk about.

Her legs.

She tweeted, “Almost 55 and still a queen at rock n’ roll. This is for the trolls on Twitter who can’t get enough of my legs. Can we move on now? #MyDressMyChoice.”


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