Weeks after her grand wedding, Esma Platnumz has now explained why Diamond Platnumz’ dad Mzee Adbul Juma did not attend the wedding.

Esma Platnumz gifted a brand new BMW during her wedding – Photos

Abdul was not among the guests something that left raised eyebrows. Although Esma and Diamond have different fathers, everyone assumed Mzee Abdul would attend.

Speaking during an interview with Wasafi TV, Esma said

‘Before I got married I told him and even sent him a card.

Maybe he just got angry  because I sent someone to represent me when presenting the card.

I had personally called and told him I would send someone as I was a bit busy and could not take the card to him personally.’

Esma added that the reason why her family from the biological dad’s side were not present is because

‘I have been brought up by my mum. Maybe that is why my mum was the one who took care of almost everything.

But they (extended family) sent their well wishes and some even sent me cash to help in the wedding preparations.’

Esma is married as a third wife to Msizwa and she has two kids from a previous marriage.

Muslim traditions allow for a man to marry as many as four wives.

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