Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi recently came out with a hilarious clip that mimicked Akothee’s antics on stage. The video went viral. Those who thought there was animosity between the two are wrong as Eric shares the same frustrations Akothee has with a certain critic.

Eric Omondi and Akothee with friends
Eric Omondi (L) and Akothee (Second, Right) with friends

The musician was recently interviewed on Chipukeezy’s show on Ebru TV. Eric told his fellow comedian:

He (the critic) is like my dad. I am a comedian, you are a comedian. You are an actor, Sauti Sol, Akothee and Naiboi are musicians. Every single day and night we work so hard as young people to entertain people in form of comedy or music. Some of us have gone ahead, even to win. I am currently the best comedian in Africa.

eric omondi
Eric Omondi

He added:

Sauti Sol won the Mamas award. He (the critic) has never picked a positive thing. He has never posted me. He only posted me dancing naked in Turkana. He never acknowledged a positive thing done by artists. Right now I’m telling you without fear that I do not care because he has not supported me.

Eric went on to say that the day the critic will support Kenyan music by promoting it is when entertainers will listen to him.

eric omondi
Eric on stage

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