Why Hamisa Mobetto isn't ready to mingle after heartbreak

• Mobetto was responding to the rumours that she is dating a Tanzanian footballer

Hamisa Mobetto
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian model and businesswoman Hamisa Mobetto is single and not interested in a relationship at the moment. Mobetto revealed this during a press conference.

"I am very much single. I'm not even ready to mingle, I am taking my time," she said 

Mobetto was responding to the rumours that she is dating a Tanzanian football midfielder who plays for Yanga FC.

Just recently, she revealed that she had broken up with her former Togolese lover; Kevin Sowax.

"Yule tuliachana (we broke up) , its been a while since we parted ways."

She said the major reason for their break up was the long distance between them.

"Hakukua na sababu maalum, swala moja ni umbali, yuko busy, niko busy and he is a very nice guy and I appreciate him and will always do."

(There's was no specific reason but the major thing was the distance. We are all busy)

At one point, Mobetto was over the moon when Sowax bought her a car.

“Yani kuna wanaume…alafu kuna mwanaume wangu mimi hapa. Thank you baby …I literally wanna cry. Thank you for showing me what true love is. You have been nothing but the best thing that has ever happened to me." She said after she was gifted a Range Rover

"Nakupenda weeh, roho yangu weee. Kwako sijiwezi…ohh mai Laaaavuuuu”

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