Bahati gives honest opinion about Diana Marua/Victor Wanyama TBT

• The musician is currently on a high as his reality show trends on Netflix.

Diana Marua with Kevin Bahati
Image: Instagram

Kevin Bahati was finally put on the spot about his sharing of Diana Marua and Victor Wanyama's TBT photo from the past.

The father of 5 stirred controversy on June 3rd, 2024 when he shared the photo with many Kenyans not knowing that it was all a scheme to promote their new Netflix show, 'The Bahati's Empire'.

During an interview with Betty Kyallo on TV 47, the couple spoke about the viral image with Bahati stating that he and Wanyama were friends.

“Why should I ask Wanyama if I can post the photo while it is him and his friend? Let me tell you something. I never said anything. Wanyama and Mariga are my friends. I even campaigned for Mariga in Kibra."

At times you see rumours, and when you are quiet, they fuel more rumours. But when you show people that it’s normal, they will keep quiet," he said.

Victor Wanyama with Diana Marua in an undated TBT
Image: Courtesy

He concluded by explaining that he refrained from addressing the malicious allegations to protect everyone involved, especially his adopted son.

“Most of my fans know that I adopted my son. When the photo was trending a while back, I don’t think Wanyama had a thick skin like I have, and so one day it was trending, and it’s a cruel social media world. It got to him. If I came out to address it, it would not help anyone. I chose to be sarcastic about it and move on,” Bahati explained.

For her part, Diana also revealed her exasperation at netizens' constant musings about her friendships.

You don’t want me to have friends? I can’t take pictures with people, or is it because he is a celebrity?” Marua asked.

A few days after their publicity stunt, Diana boldly stated that she would stay with Bahati for the sake of the haters.

Taking to her YouTube channel on Wednesday, June 5th, Diana announced to trolls.

"Yaani ile siku nimekosana an Baha, yani I feel amenifika hapa -pointing at tip of tongue- naskia ni kama naweza mtema " laughing "he let me tell you, I will hold my man, I will yani...nitakaa na huyo mwanaume for the sake of you guys who want to see our downfall. I am telling you for free," she declared defiantly.

She also disclosed that the stunt was hatched by the crew working at EMB Records which her hubby owns. 

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