Why Vera Sidika has finally displayed marriage certificate

• The socialite also said her parents didn't know she married Mauzo.

Vera Sidika
Image: Courtesy

Vera Sidika was forced to make public her marriage certificate after Kenyans cast doubt over her reason for marrying singer Brown Mauzo.

A day after celebrating the end of her marriage with a divorce party, Vera was confronted by claims she married Mauzo just for children.

It has been severally alleged that Brown Mauzo has good genes and is highly sought after by potential baby mamas.

Taking to her socials, Vera fought off such claims.

"Why would I lie about being legally married.??Like is there a reward for marriage that would make me lie about it???M."

Vera also said her parents didn't know she married Mauzo

"My parents didn't know I got married coz we didn't do a wedding ceremony. We did Nikkah with the Sheikh and he is well known sheikh in Kenya. It happened so randomly & so fast."

"You were never in the marriage to know what happened so hush!! If i wanted kids ata sper* bank iko nazo. With zero baby daddy drama. And I wouldn't need to waste three years of my life married just to get kids!" she fiercely told off one person who alleged she used Mauzo because she was getting to the red line.

She showed what she claimed was a verified marriage certificate of a union conducted under Muslim rites. According to the certificate, they were married for 3 years.

"Everyone with this mentality let me make it clear to you," she shouted adding.

Mauzo has previously said they did get married.

See her vicious responses to Kenyans over the allegations below:

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