Burundian singer Mistachampagne lists reasons Vera Sidika is his all time crush

• The Burundian  says he and Vera Sidika would make a perfect match.

• He also loves her curves.

mistachampagne courtesy instagram
mistachampagne courtesy instagram

The Burundian singer, who trended a few days ago claiming a Kenyan woman stood him up after he parted with sh2million, has revealed he has a major crush on Vera Sidika.

Mistachampagne listed the cute attributes she possesses on the Trudy Kitui channel that he believes they would be a perfect match.

"She is an influencer. Ni mzuri, alafu iko na shape" he demonstrated a volutpous movment with his hands

"She has a figure let me call it that. She has a shape. Vera kama unanitaka, sema tu. If you want me say so, because I am handsome, look at my beards, I am single "

"I also think you are a good woman. Uko na rangi nzuri. I also love how you brand yourself. Kisa we ni mtu ambae unajua jinsi ya kuishi na wasanii, afu mi ni msanii kutka Burundi, Mistachapange, look at me carefully, very handsome, if you look at me you can think I am Fally Ipupa, but I am Mistachampagne, so Vera if you want me, just say so, sina shida. Juu mi mwenyewe nakupenda."

So deep is his crush that his ultimatum is 

"I won't leave Kenya until I meet Vera. Vera Sidika..we muangalie tu if she passes here, people stare, mtoto iko sawa, iko vizuri, just come direct to me" he urged her.


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