Brown Mauzo's curious question after Vera's viral divorce party

β€’ The musician has been increasingly under the spotlight this week after his ex-wife held a much-publicised divorce party.

Brown Mauzo
Image: Instagram

The name Brown Mauzo was in the mouths of many Kenyans online after Vera Sidika's wild divorce party this past week.

The socialite threw a divorce party to announce the end of her marriage. The thrilling news however did not delight many who bashed Vera for being with Mauzo for his genes.

The former couple have two children together; a boy and a girl named Prince Ice Brown and Princess Asia respectively.

Responding to the accusations, Vera made public her marriage certificate fighting off claims she was only with Mauzo for his good genes.

The certificate showed they had been married 3 years which Vera used to defend herself. This was Vera's first wedding, while it indicated Mauzo was entering his second marriage.

Brown himself doesn't seem to be too bothered and is using the increased scrutiny to plead with his fans to help him make a major decision.

The father of five wants to change his name. He used two boxes with his suggestions, asking netizens to pick one.

"Public announcement changing my official name," he penned on his Instagram page.

"Please help me choose 

-Love Brown

-Love Mauzo," the options read.

In September 2023 after their public announcement they had split, Mauzo asked Kenyans why they thought women loved him?

"I don’t know why they Love meπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ," he posed, which led to many suggestions including his good nature and wonderful physical specimen.

Read some of the responses from the time below:

stl_coast...Wanatafuta mbegu wakienda,sasa na ww kuwamchoyo nayo

miss_mee_m...Be careful this time please, you are a good man.

ackermanngwen...Good hearted πŸ‘

_perps__...Wanataka uwapakie watoto rangi πŸ˜‚

beauty.foibe...Coz you have a soft heart n very very handsome.

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