People have taken it out of context- Njugush defends Abel Mutua

• Abel has been trending on social media after an old video of him revealing he engineered a kiss between him Sarah Hassan 

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Globally celebrated comedian, script writer and digital content creator Timothy Kimani popularly known by his moniker Njugush, has come out to defend his friend and business partner Abel Mutua aka Mkurugenzi.

Abel has been trending on different social media platforms after an old video he did talking about how he engineered a kiss between him and his fellow cast member Sarah Hassan when he got a chance to script for Tahidi High, made a comeback on socials.

Following this, many netizens went online to share their displeasure with the father of one, who is married to creative producer and talent manager Judy Nyawira. Some accused him of abusing his position of power while others voiced how disrespectful it was to his wife to have him sharing such utterances online while seemingly celebrating his cheekiness.

However, his friend is now claiming Abel's statement was misunderstood and taken out of context. The father of 2 maintained Abel had done nothing wrong and his remarks were not about him personally but his character Freddie, whom he portrayed years ago.

“If the full video had been posted, it would have made it easier for people to understand what Abel meant. Anyone who watched Tahidi High knows the relationship between Tanya (Sarah Hassan) and OJ (Dennis Mugo) was real.

Freddie (Abel Mutua) always hoped to be with Tanya, but it never happened. Also, everyone believed OJ wasn’t right for Tanya,” Njugush said while speaking with Nairobi News.

He went on to add;

“Towards the end, everyone wanted Tanya to be with OJ and would plan ways to make it harder for Freddie. Everyone was against Freddie being with Tanya. So, when Abel was given that opportunity to script in the end, he decided to bring a twist, not as Sarah Hassan but as Tanya. People have taken it out of context,"

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