Abel Mutua cheekily recounts kissing Sarah Hassan


• The two were part of the cast of the highly-popular show Tahidi High.

From L to R: Sarah Hassan and Abel Mutua
Image: Courtesy

Kenyan actor Abel Mutua, popularly known to his fans as 'The Director,' narrated how he ended up kissing actress Sarah Hassan.

Speaking in an interview with Mic Check Podcast, Abel Mutua admitted to kissing the Kenyan actress while they were acting together.

“Tanya, that is Sarah Hassan, was very polite, but during our final episode, I said to myself, 'Oh my God, this girl has been evading me for so long.'

In the second part of our final scene, I gave her a serious kiss in class,” Abel Mutua revealed.

Kenyan actress Sarah Hassan, who acted alongside Abel Mutua back in the day in the show 'Tahidi High,' which aired on Citizen TV as 'Tanya,' was described as a very gentle actress.

Abel, who was part of the writing team for the show, ensured he had his moment with the actress, admitting it was a moment he thoroughly enjoyed.

Abel said that it was in their show where a scene required the kiss to happen.

“Oh my God. Now, how could you refuse when the script demanded it,” Abel openly revealed, showing his delight.

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