Kwambox: Family secrets shouldn't be pillow talk conversations

• The radio presenter noted she judges people from how they talk about family and the ones who've been around their lives for the longest time

Sheila Kwamboka.
Image: Instagram/Sheila Kwamboka.

Former beauty pageant queen turned radio presenter and super MC Sheila Kwambox is urging people to stop sharing their family secrets with their partners during pillow talk.

I know you're probably wondering, 'isn't that the whole essence of pillow talk?' Well not according to the Kapoow master. Kwambox strongly believes family issues should remain between family no matter how attached you may feel towards your partner.

"One thing I think you should never say in a relationship is your family secrets, yeah," started off Kwambox during an episode of their podcast.

The Kiss FM morning show host went on to candidly give an example stating, "you meet someone and they have shagged you so good, your ears are still ringing and then you start saying 'you know my dad, my dad is cheating on my mom and what not.' What is wrong with you?"

Kwambox added, "No, but for real what is wrong with you? You are over there telling them you know my dad he has a shamba over there and then he has this other one... Do you understand that you are in a covenant and you have a blood oath.

That is why your blood be running in each other. Why would you be telling your family secrets to someone you are smashing? What is that?"

Upon being asked by her co-host Mr. Kerry Martin if her sentiments were reserved for only friends with benefits type of unions or relationships as well, the vibrant MC highlighted it did not matter.

"Listen, let me tell you something... is that person going to come and bury you? Then shut up! I find it so disrespectful when people talk badly about their own family. Unless you family is that guy from Shakahola, then you have to talk,"

Finishing up Kwambox noted she judges people from how they talk about the ones who have been around their lives for the longest time.

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