Auntie Jemimah: Why I bash Kikuyu men for not being romantic

• She however noted that her own relationship is going great.

auntie jemimah gukena fm
auntie jemimah gukena fm

Gukena FM radio presenter Aunt Jemima has often landed the wrath of men for criticizing them for not being romantic.

Her comments made on air, have seen men reacted sharply. Speaking to Jeff Kuria on his YouTube channel, Jemimah defended her comments saying they arose from complaints from society not necessarily her viewpoint.

 "Who hurted you," Jeff Kuria asked her

"No nobody hurt me, it's just that when you are a comedian, you are very observant You hear people talking out there, so my comments are just to pass on the message to just try and be romantic, kidogo tu."

Jeff wanted to know to what extent,

"Women we love these small gestures, like flowers,  when you need to apologize come with flowers in the evening it's sorry enough, but you know Kikuyu guys tell you 'let's leave it at that,' that's not an apology."

But Jeff defended kikuyu men saying they have a unique way of apologizing, "You see I can call you and tell you to go to the market and buy a chicken we eat for dinner. "

Jemimah laughed it off, "Ati a chicken is an apology? No, no way. Small gestures. Come hide chocolate in my pillow, let's go out, spend time on weekends. What you lack and that is my message is that you must create time for us, not all the time because we also get bored, quality time. and even bedminton, kiss me on the forehead tell me have a nice day. Is that too much to ask for?"

"That's why you find your women - Kikuyu- just being there, it is because we want to experience the world, If a woman is taken care of she doesn't go out. She will never leave you because she knows when you have money this si how you treat me. But if you spend your money out there, ..nah."

What upsets her so much about men?

"It's not really me, that was work," she pointed out she does not have such problems in her relationship

"Me I talk, when we are dating I tell you this is how I like my things done. I tell my man, he cooperates, and I cooperate also, it's about communication. Be open to learning."

She also urged Kikyuy men to look after their health. "You guys let yourselves go, ati when a man gets a wife he gets a pot belly. Why?? Look good, nutrition, chapa gym, pata kifua,

When you don't take care of your health, medical conditions arise, then you don't have energy, you cant be Omanyala, then you are out of breath, you cant try styles because of the body,

You see, lifestyle diseases require us to stay fit, smell good. Like now Kikuyu men to buy deodorant, they are like what is that, or even body splash, there is a ka sweat you guys smell."

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