Impressive way Juliani will deal with Dandora Centre demolition

• The Dandora Hip Hop Center had functioned as a crucial nexus for the local youth and artists who aspired to express themselves through hip-hop, dance, and visual arts for the last seven years.

Gospel Hip Hop artist Juliani
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Kenyan hip-hop gospel artist and human rights activist Julius Owino, professionally known as Juliani has finally opened up about the effect the demolition of his Dandora Hip Hop Centre had on him.

The lyrical master praised for themes that touch on social and political emancipation revealed that seeing his center that he launched 7 years ago was his lowest moment this year.

He also touched on why he chose not to react to the sudden demolition despite the fact that he was furious and Dandora residents as well as a multitude of netizens were rallying up behind him.

"Yeah... yeah it was of course my lowest moment but ya Mungu ni mengi and you never know about God's plans and what is written," started the father of two while speaking during an interview with SPM Buzz.

Juliani, who is married to Machakos county former first lady Lillian Ng'ang'a, went on to candidly add that he found solace in knowing God had gifted him the resources to buy the land and put up the Hip Hop Center and at the end of the day He was the decider of how things run.

"Sometimes... you know, like I said everything I have ever built and I tell people this and it is like they don't understand me, it comes from God. They are His presents to me like He chose me to be a steward and He is the one who gets to decide how things run not me.

"God gave me the resources to buy and start up the place, so I leave everything up to Him,"the 'Pages za Bible' hitmaker candidly added.

A bulldozer brings down Juliani's Dandora HipHop City on Monday, May 27, 2024.

Touching on how the resident reacted to the news Juliani revealed that there was chaos involved however, the building had already been felled and he didn't see the essence of protesting at that point.

"Actually, watu wa mtaa they wanted to react to the demolitions. They wanted to do something about it, do investigations and what not but the truth is once the building has fallen it has fallen there is nothing we can do about it. 

The community tried doing something about it, they came with police officers and it was pure chaos. The thing is, these days I know my position and I am wiser than before. I know what I need to do, what is good for and vice versa, all in all I never lose even when things are down like that I never lose because God always got me,"

Finishing up, the gospel artist confidently revealed that he would be putting up another center for the youth in Dandora, and this time round he'd be going large, branching out to other slums as well.

"Of course, we'll buy another property soon and not only in Dandora but the other neighborhoods too, soon enough," Juliani stated.

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