Juliani revealed he had intended to keep things very low key and away from the public eye

Juliani reveals major regret about relationship with Lillian Ng'ang'a

• The couple has a son together.

lilian nganga and juliani
lilian nganga and juliani

Gospel artist and human rights activist Juliani has revealed he never intended for his relationship with his now wife Lillian Ng'ang'a to go public.

The father of two maintained he has always loved keeping his relationships on the down low maintaining people ended up knowing about his relationship with his baby mama celebrated award-winning actress Brenda Wairimu, 2 years after the two had been together.

Speaking with Tuko about his relationship with his wife, Lillian, Juliani insisted he wanted things to be away from media especially owing to Lillian's stature and who she was with before the two got together.

“Even my previous relationship was ongoing for two years before people knew about it," the father of 2 said insisting he had never intended to publicize his relationship with the author.

Juliani confirmed that when his relationship with Lilian went public they did receive a lot of trolling and online backlash, none of that was for clout, but luckily he had a great support system to help him navigate that. The father of two noted he was now at peace and everything had calmed down.

"The threats were real at that particular time,” Juliani said.

Lillian Ng'ang'a with Juliani
Image: Instagram

He went on to credit his good friend social activist Boniface Mwangi for being his pillar and an instrumental part of his support system during that period.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi, Juliani said he has since moved on from the loss.

"Initially when all these stories were coming out we lost 2 deals in 2021. People thought I was playing around. Some people assume it is trolling but some people believe it. I have a bigger calling and it is God who provides. There is nothing anyone can do that can scare me."

A year ago, speaking about the death threats being lobbied against him the rapper tweeted about it saying;

"My mum ako panic mode. I reminded Her of the God that healed her of her cancer. The one that kept me and my 6 siblings safe in the street of Dandora ndio the same we are praying to NOW."

He added, "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."

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