Fun facts about Baba Ryan aka Nick Kwach

• The hilarious content creator is promoting a rerun of a comedy play Nairobi Red Flags this weekend at Braeside.

Nick Kwach
Image: Radio Jambo

He acts as Kenya's most dedicated baby daddy, winning the hearts of his fans as Baba Ryan who has to handle the most dramatic Mama Ryan.

Nick Kwach is promoting a rerun of a comedy play Nairobi Red Flags this weekend at Braeside.

The actor told Dr Ofweneke on Wednesday, June 5 that he had an interesting journey before becoming an actor. He listed the most interesting jobs before acting.

His first job was as a Language and Math teacher in Siaya. He laughed at himself as 'Mwalimu wa Math' a joke Kenyans have.

His second job was volunteering taking wazungu's to villages to showcase self-help groups in Western Kenya.

Part of that involved becoming a brickmaker. In Kiswahili that is matufali, and he tickled Ofweneke admitting that he did gather valuable skills.

He made his way to Nairobi, for an acting gig performing poems. He auditioned and was picked for a theatre role.

He was to also enroll in University but gave up that opportunity for his brother.

"My brother was doing a parallel prog in medicine. One of us had to sacrifice for the other. He had already joined and was almost finishing."

He later joined campus and graduated with a degree in Communication. This led to his job as a Luo TV presenter.

"I attempted to broadcast in Luo. Bro I read news in Luo," he tickled Ofweneke while demonstrating. 

He enjoys doing the baby daddy skits a lot.

"People are going through horror stories. Marriages and co-parenting it is crazy," he shared disclosing Kenyans send him their experiences to act out.

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