Bien reacts to Otile's claim there are no international artists in Kenya


• The musician is currently trending after releasing a remix to his own song with Fally Ipupa.

Bien vs Otile Brown
Image: Courtesy

Kenyan artist Bien Aime Baraza has responded to Otile Brown's claim that there are no international artists in Kenya.

Speaking on Obinna TV, Bien urged Otile to reconsider his words, emphasizing that there are many famous Kenyan artists who not only excel in music but also outperform the international artists Otile mentioned.

"It irks me a bit when Otile says that because people are busy building, and I can understand him saying that because he has never ventured beyond.

Who is Sofia Nzau to you? Have you never heard of Mwaki? It has 100 million views on Spotify, and she even performed in South Africa.

Is she not an international artist? We have heard of international artists from the past too. The big Swahili song 'Jambo Bwana' was sung many years ago," Bien explained.

According to Bien, Otile is expressing what he feels and cannot be compared to him because what Bien has done surpasses Otile's achievements.

"I have been on tour all year abroad, I have played in Kenya only once this year, and I have played over 20 shows.

I have been touring and selling out everywhere. I have visited parts of Europe and Australia, so I don't know what Otile means by an international artist," Bien said.

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