Details of Natalie Githinji's late night chats with Njambi Koikai

• The late Njambi and Natalie both battled the same condition; endometriosis.

The late Njambi Koikai with Natalie Githinji in a past photo
Image: Instagram

NRG Radio presenter Natalie Githinji has expressed her heartbreak on the news of the death of Njambi Koikai.

Njambi and Natalie were friends who suffered from the same medical condition; endometriosis.

"If you think I'm mentally okay 😅😅😅 well, I'm f****d," the NRG presenter penned.

Sharing a photo of the two of them bonding over their health status, Natalie added that they charted a similar path.

"Sis, my only hope, my bestie, we talked so many nights for hours about endometriosis, about our health, our darkest secrets of living with endometriosis, about how we were in and out of hospital to give each other hope."

Natalie's heartbreak stems from the fact that they will no longer share a bond.

"We talked about how our mums are the real MVP's for helping us during these hard times, we promised to fight this MONSTER to the end, we talked about helping other women with endometriosis."

She went on to add,

"Babe, we talked about a lot of things. In the above photos we were so happy that you were well and I was next for my surgery. My heart is broken, bleeding, I texted you juzi tu ukiwa hosi so we could talk like we always do....Eii Jahmby umenimaliza mimi mtoto wa mama yangu."

Natalie indicated she is also distressed and broken,

"You fought for better health for all women fighting endometriosis. Babe hizi ni gani, who will tell me that this is a lie, who will help my mum chill after hearing her bestie is gone. Jahmby amka tu we fight this together... we made a promise love."

"You fought so hard but this Monster took you.God help me get through this pain... 💔💔💔 Now I'll have to fight alone...ENDOMETRIOSIS.... Has taken away my best friend... I have a lot to say but I think I need time. Ei nadedi aki wadau!! Niko broken mbaya. Endometriosis will finish us."

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