Njambi 'Jahmby' Koikai's last appeal to Ruto before her death

β€’ The president had gone on a high-profile tour of America and has a lot planned for the trip.

Njambi 'Jahmby' Koikai
Image: Instagram

As most of you well know, Mary Njambi Koikai, widely known as Jahmby Koikai has passed away to shock and sadness of many.

But what many might not know is that the reggae MC had issued a heartfelt appeal to President William Ruto a few weeks before her death.

Two weeks ago, the late Koikai, sent a health proposal to President William Ruto, who was on a three-day national tour of the United States at the time.

Using her social media accounts, the late Jahmby urged Ruto to also consider treatment for endometriosis, highlighting that investment in healthcare was one of the key areas of his visit.

Jahmby, who suffered from endometriosis, explained that it was a passion for young girls and women struggling with this dreadful disease to receive proper treatment at a prestigious hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

"This is a sincere call for help to a few Kenyan leaders, but allow me to first address this to President William Ruto as he undertakes his visit to the United States.

Honorable President, one of the key areas in your visit is investment in healthcare,” she said.

"Atlanta, Georgia, is a dream city for every young girl and woman who has ever struggled with this terrible disease called Endometriosis.

There is a center dedicated to restoring the lives of girls and women who have been crippled by this disease. The @centerforendocare,” she explained at the time.

She also mentioned places she would like President Ruto to visit to gain an understanding of the disease and how they could potentially help many women in Kenya.

"As you begin your tour of the United States, I would like you to visit places that would help millions of Kenyan women silently fighting this disease, such as the Endometriosis Care Center and the Women's Center at Northside Hospital,” she elaborated at the time.

Veteran musician Nonini also referred to that appeal in his condolence message that he issued just a few hours after her death.

The caption for his message read, "What a Sad Day!"

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