Music video for viral song 'Mwaki' breaks records


• The viral audio posted by Zerb in November, already boasts over 9.4 million views on YouTube.

Zerb & Sofya during the video shoot.
Image: Instagram

Uprising Kenyan singer Sofiya Nzau and her Brazilian producer Zerb have released the official music video for their chart-topping song 'Mwaki'.

The much-awaited video was shot in the bold rocky outcrops of Kenya's Hells Gate National Park.

In less than 24 hrs. the video has garnered over 284K views on YouTube. The viral song audio posted by Zerb in November, boats over 9.4 million views on the platform.

The video features the two performing in Hell's Gate undulating terrain against the backdrop of a raging wildfire and their dancers.

Since its release last November, Mwaki has been a dance sensation gaining no 1 on Spotify's global viral chart, with more than 100,000 videos created by fans on social media, and is currently on the global Shazam chart.

The Kikuyu song also gained momentum after it was remixed by Major Lazer and Tiesto.

The song narrates the complex relationship between a young woman and her stern father who had cautioned her against marrying a specific man.

Zerb, known for his exceptional skills elevated the song after the synergy of EDM making it into a TikTok hit.

Sofya who revealed that she was born in Miruri, Muranga, and married to a Kamba man named Nzau, her producer and manager also explores the Amapiano style.

The lyrics for the song partly go,

"Na niguo muthee akjuragwo mwaki (and the way my father is hot-tempered), na niajirite ndigakuhikie( and he had told me not to marry you), anyona mucii ni akurakara ( if he sees me back at home, he will get furious), nake arakara we dahotagaa (and when he gets furious, he is uncontrollable)."

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