'Huku siwezi rudi!' Khaligraph Jones says while warning youth

• Khaligraph Jones hinted that he might have been behind bars some 12 years ago.

Khaligraph Jones
Image: Instagram

Khaligraph Jones is asking Kenyan youth to do everything they can to avoid going to jail. In his message, he shared a photo of Nairobi Remand and Allocation, hinting that in 2012 he might have been put behind bars.

"Another day to remind you if you still in the ghetto, avoid any situation that is gonna land you here."

He vowed never to go back. "2012 still feels like yesterday, huku siwezi rudi tena sababu ya ego, wacha ikae, keep your head up ghetto youth."

This comes just a day after rapper Scar Mkadinali promised to bail a Kenyan man, Ian Njoroge out if found with a criminal record.

Njoroge was seen in a viral video beating up a policeman.

"If Ian Njoroge does have a criminal record, I will bail him out. Njege masanse wakwende. For the times they beat me up for no reason."

Ian Njoroge is said to have assaulted the police officer at Kasarani and was arrested in his hideout in Kayole. 

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