Fascinating reason Akothee has allowed daughter to call her 'Jambazi'

• The mom of five is known for her honest and candid conversations about motherhood.

Image: Instagram

Business mogul, musician and philanthropist Esther Akothee has revealed she would be okay with her kids abusing her as long as it meant that she would still be in their lives.

The entrepreneur made the revelation during a session that she had with her firstborn daughter, Vesha on the topic of kids nowadays cutting off their parents and toxic family members.

"Guys, we are living in a generation where by we can choose to have you in our lives as our parents or we can just choose to fear you and block you," Vesha stated in between giggles as she emphasised how kids in this current generation are woke and do not tolerate toxicity whether from outsiders or family members.

Her mother who was in the TikTok live-stream with her went on to plead with her daughter to never cut her off.

Akothee, while still pleading with her first-born daughter controversially added that she is okay with her daughter going as far as insulting her as long as it meant that she would still be in her life.

Akothee's first born daughter Vesha
Image: Instagram

"Please,do not chase me away. I want to be with you... just call me anything as long as I can still feel your heartbeat. You can call me bitch, niggah, jambazi, you know, anything... you can call me anything, for me it is okay," the tours and safari entrepreneur said as she warmly embraced her daughter from behind.

Vesha, who also doubles as a marketing and digital guru let out small chuckles as she assured her mother that she would never cut her off.

Whilst still on the topic, Akothee added that she was not ready for her firstborn daughter to get married and leave the nest.

Even though her last-born daughter Fancy Makadia is currently engaged and set to tie the knot this year.

"I cannot imagine a man coming in and snatching you away from me, I don't know what I would do," the controversial artist stated.

Her daughter quickly cut her off stating, "But mommy you can't marry me." She followed it up by assuring her mother that, "We still have a long way to go," 

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