Tanasha Donna delivers interesting lecture on toxic positivity

• The mom of one has become increasingly private the last two years ever since she broke up with Diamond.

Tanasha Donna
Image: Instagram

Kenyan beauty Tanasha Donna has a word of advice for individuals using her name to clout chase. The mother of one penned her thoughts in a long note while not directly mentioning the people she was sharing her words with.

On her Snapchat, Tanasha called out such people suggesting she intimidates them

"Some people will seek your presence but can't handle it," she began.

The baby mama to Diamond Platnumz continued;

"You'll encounter people who are intimidated by your mind and presence. Anyone threatened by one's opinions, beliefs, outlook, on life is in real life a very negative thinker disguised in what we call Toxic Positivity," she went on.

Read the complete message below:

A lot of folks think they're positive by ignoring reality which will ever have ups and downs because they're stuck in this false sense of 'positivity' so they prefer to sweep reality under the carpet.

A positive thinker is not one who doesn't acknowledge the negative. That's like ignoring social-political world issues in the name of slaying positive. a positive thinker will acknowledge the bad, find a solution & not DWELL on it, not ignore it.

How is a problem solved if there's no problem?? How are challenges accomplished without the challenge? The truth stings sometimes, but it's better top speak it.

This is what we call toxic positivity. You'll encounter a lot of sensitive, weak-minded people who can't handle your mind, presence, beliefs, and confidence. Yet they continue to seek it because their subconscious deep down acknowledges what is authentic.

That's the power of energy if your weak-minded and negative, you'll take this the wrong way. If you're strong-minded and positive, you'll grow from it if I don't know it all I'm still learning but there's one thing I'm certain of is this toxic mindset.

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