I want to shock my exes-Pritty Vishy on planned surgery


• The socialite is well-known for her boldness online and honesty.

Pritty Vishy
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Purity Vishenwa, popularly known as Pritty Vishy, has opened up about her plans to undergo surgery to enhance and lift her behind.

Through her Instagram page, Pritty Vishy reminded her fans about her plan to undergo surgery to increase the size of her behind, commonly known as "Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery."

The content creator expressed her excitement, claiming she is ready to endure any kind of pain as long as her body gets a new and appealing shape to shock her ex-lovers.

"... I hope you all remember when I told you I would undergo buttock lift surgery this year... the plan is still on and I am very excited... I mean, I want to shock my exes," Vishy wrote on her Instagram page.

Vishy is among the content creators who have quickly risen to fame, with her romantic relationship with Stevo Simple Boy being frequently discussed before the two parted ways.

Later, Vishy was rumoured to be in another relationship, though she did not disclose her partner's name for personal reasons.

Eventually, she announced breaking up with her partner, citing that he was too much of a family man.

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