Elsa Majimbo accepts being voted 'worst dressed'

• The attended the premiere of Bridgerton in South Africa donning a black see-through dress.

Elsa Majimbo
Image: Instagram

A couple of weeks ago content creator and comedian Elsa Majimbo attended the premiere of Bridgerton in South Africa.

The Netflix event was attended by the who-is-who in the African entertainment scene. Majimbo wore a long see-through black dress and fans were not happy as she did not observe the Bridgerton theme.

Taking to TikTok, Majimbo said she was voted the worst dressed;

"And you know, I got this dress and I was like, this is such a nice dress for a premiere, this would be for the red carpet. I took the photos and posted them."

Adding, "I woke up the next day and I had been voted the worst dressed. People do not hold back."

She continued to say that when you put something on the internet and 80 percent of people say you look horrible 'Maybe you might just look horrible'.

She promised to do better.

"I accepted it. People say the truth, on the internet are honest, you really let your heart be known. That's one thing I've learnt from this experience, even my fans, they tell me they love but child damn."

"I've heard you guys."

Other Kenyan stars that attended the event include Kate Actress, Jacque Matubia, Amina Abdi Rabar, Manasseh Nyaga among others.

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