Elsa Majimbo: I was investigated for fraud, bank account freezed

Majimbo's accounts were freezed after several high end impulsive purchases.

Elsa Majimbo
Image: Instagram

Elsa Majimbo is explaining why her accounts got frozen and why she was being investigated for fraud in the US.

She explained that about two weeks ago, she woke up and did her regular routine and decided that she was going to shop until she drops. 

"A friend of mine was going through a tough time and she went to Milan and shopped her pain away, so I was like you know what, thats what I'm gonna do today, every wrong that has ever happened in my life, I'm going to shop it our," she said on a TikTok 

Adding "I went to Versace, Zara, Gucci, Victoria's secret, you name it. I was there, I wasn't joking. I got the first alert from my bank asking if that was me. The next one came and I confirmed it was me."

"One time I confirmed and my card wasn't going through so I called the bank and they unlocked my card, I tried again and same thing happened, so I called again."

Majimbo reports that she was told the activity on her bank account would need some documents to verify its her, to make sure she was not participating in any fraudulent activity.

"Fraudulent activity? I am just rich, are you joking?" She said

"I tried another card, it declined. was told the same thing."

Majimbo said she was under financial review. In conclusion, she said;

"I'm just so rich people literary can't believe it and they need to confirm its real."

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