'Ni genes' Trisha Khalid denies enhancing her derrière

•She is known for her role in the Becky show that airs on Citizen TV.

• Trisha Khalid credited her good looks to her family.

Actress Trisha Khalid
Image: courtesy

'Becky' actress Trisha Khalid has refuted claims she underwent a surgery to enhance her lower body.

Trisha who is much loved on TikTok thanks to her humour and her good looks credited the looks to her genes.

Speaking with Saturday Magazine she shared

“Honestly, I am tired of this story. I am not going to explain myself anymore, people can think what they want.

My curves and butt are genetic, you should see my mum. She is so blessed Mashallah,” she shared

 She is known for her role in the Becky show that airs on Citizen TV.

The Actress confirmed that she was a 'makanga' working for Modern Coast as she was waiting for an attachment right after she completed her college studies.

Trisha whose real name is Fosi Mpule Hamis, was born on December 31, 1994. She is 29 as of 2024.

She was born in Mombasa and she is the last born in a family of six siblings.

Trisha attended Sea Primary and High School.

She was raised by a single mother  

Khalid is an actress and a Digital content creator.

In 2020, she was nominated as the best lead act at the Kalasha International awards.

She pursued a course in Cabin Crew while she was in college.

She gained fame after appearing in the TV series Kovu as Ruby and is now performing excellently on Citizen TV’s Becky.

Trisha gave credits for her acting career to Citizen TV's Lulu Hassan who invited her to star in the Maisha Magic show although she said she was hesitant with it.

She has also lately been part of various comic skits, including those of the comic skit master Flaqo.

In 2020, Trisha was nominated as the best lead actress in the Kalasha Awards.

Aside from acting, Trisha is a successful entrepreneur and runs a salon called Tees Beauty Salon.

She is also the owner of Trendy Collection, an online boutique store. 

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