Nurse Judy hints at undergoing a tummy tuck

• Judy is a Kenyan nurse based in the US.

• She rose to fame for allegedly having an affair with the husband of a popular Kenyan Youtuber and influencer.

nurse judy corutesy instagram
nurse judy corutesy instagram

Judy Maina aka Nurse Judy is considering undergoing a tummy tuck.

The US based Kenyan entertained her fans with her account of wanting to have a flat tummy.

The 29 year old 

They lie to us 'ni pot ya utamu' lakini hii utamu imeanza kuzidi! aie! Lipo is that you calling my name?" she laughed at her intentions.

The California based content creator added in a video holding her tummy, narrating her struggles

"I did Intermittent fasting and gym post my last born and got my body snatched!!But I completely lost track &consistency!I have been stress eating too 🥲😫😫now here we are!🤦‍♀️🙆‍♀️ey!ze struggle!"


"This has to go Najua mi si nyoka lakini ...niko karibu ku dance kama Mcjessy. Let me prosper my body is so good and then now this happens" she holds her pouch.

If she does go through with the surgery, Nurse Judy will join several Kenyan celebrities who have gone under the knife to transform their bodies.

Among them is Beauty entrepreneur Phoina Tosah, who four months ago, shared her journey, revealing she spent sh800k on lipo suction.

Also businesswoman Amira also did four types of surgery among them lipo.

The mother of two has been regularly updating on her healing journey, including the identity of her doctor . Even her ex husband Jimal Roho Safi had a procedure for his stomach, and a hair tranplant.

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