List: Things people don't realize are rude to say

• Most comments are based on body image.

Lydia K. and Murugi Munyi
Image: Instagram

In modern day society it is not uncommon to hear people asking questions about your personal life.

Some of these questions do not even concern them and are outwardly rude.

Lydia K and Murugi Munyi on their TMI podcast  shared some questions people ask which they consider rude.

Here are some things considered rude.

Na umenona or na umekonda/ You are too skinny or too fat

How much do you pay for rent?

Ulizaa normal ama via CS?/Did you deliver normally or via CS?

Na umenona/ You are fat.

Unataka kukonda nini, si utaishi?/Why do you want to lose weight, you will disappear

Uliona nini kwake?/ What did you see in him or her?

Utazaa lini, unaongeza kengine lini?/ When are you adding another baby?

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Kenyans also shared what they consider rude  

@genuinejay7696: Having acne is a battle we fight on a daily basis, please refrain from recommending products because trust me we have tried it all (recommend when asked to do so only).

@Irene-sg7bj: When you give birth, women ask you if it was normal. No man asks you if the birth was normal. They just know you gave birth. EVERY BIRTH IS NORMAL! It might be ceserian or vaginal but all births are normal.

@TheMisswity: ***Stop Commenting on People's Food! I worked at an organization with several restaurants, and we would often eat together. I have a medical condition that requires me to only eat boiled, non-spiced food—no onions, garlic, tomatoes, or meat at times. If I made the mistake of eating restaurant food during bad times, I would feel dizzy and suffer internal bleeding. It was not good! Most of the time, I had to carry my own food. My friends made me feel bad about what I was eating, and every lunchtime, I became the topic of discussion. This led me to separate from them and eventually kick them out of my life. They picked on me so much that I felt rejected by my body and my friends, which led to depression. After removing them and leaving the toxic environment, I am doing much better. People should stop talking about what others are eating; they don't know what people are going through. Thank you for addressing this TMI.

@cikanyoro: When I meet people who last saw me in 2012 and they comment how I look different. I wonder do these people who last saw me 13yrs ago still expect me to look the same way at 39 that I looked at 24. It's like am I not allowed to Age.That one on colourism is serious. If someone is grieving sit with them, hold their hand or just sit and say nothing.

@irenekabithi: I'm 5'7 and 56 kgs so when I go to the gym I always hear comments like " Aki ningekuwa natoshana hivyo singelipia gym" or " Sasa unakuja gym kufanya nini?" I dislike these comments soo much. It's about me... my health&body. I should not have explain myself to anyone.

What are some of the comments/ questions people ask that are rude?

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