Check out celibrities practicing celibacy

•Celibacy means not engaging in sexual relations for some time, or until marriage.

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At a time where casual sex is glorified, we take a look at celebrities who have chosen to abstain.

The above celebrities have admitted to practicing celibacy for different reasons.

Celibacy means not engaging in sexual relations for some time, or until marriage.

Willy Paul

Willy Paul recently revealed he is celibate.

Pozzee as he is known by his fans says his career has experienced growth since he abstained from sex. This he shared on Mic Cheque Podcast

"I decided to abstain for the success of my album 'Beyond Gifted.' I am abstaining, I have abstained for a few months. I wanted to see how my career will be without sex. My career has shot since then. So far so good, God has been true to me."

Willy Paul
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DJ Shlaver

In April 2023 DJ Slahver revealed he and his then partner Nicah The Queen were practicing celibacy.

The couple had allegedly been celibate for two years as of April 2023.

Asked how they managed to abstain,Nicah shared

Nicah revealed that they have learned how to maintain boundaries.

"We sleep in different rooms even when on vacations.

Slahver has waited for this long and I know it's possible, even though sijui kama ananyonga ama anasource kwingine.

We kiss, we hug but there are boundaries we do not cross."

She further added;

"This generation we have normalized sex, it is so wrong."

Nicah The Queen with her ex bae DJ Shlaver.

Stevo Simple Boy

In March 2024, Stevo Simple Boy revealed he has been celibate.

Speaking in an interview with Ali, Simple Boy revealed he has been celibate for ten months after his previous relationship ended.

When asked how long asked how long he has been celibate.

"Sahi ni miezi kumi,” Simple Boy responded.

The rapper further stated that he would only engage in sexual activities when he is in a serious relationship, exuding confidence that Betty will agree to be his girlfriend and eventually his wife.

"Mimi nko tafauti na wanaume wengine. Wanaume wengine wanasema 'ahh mimi siwezi kukaa bila bibi mbaka nifanye usharati kidogo'. Hapana hii kitu ni kuvumilia, wee kua na subira utapata ubavu wako," he said.

during and interview with Mpasho.
Stevo Simple Boy during and interview with Mpasho.

 Anerlisa Muigai

In March 2023, Anerlisa Muigai had shared she was practicing celibacy.

At the time she had been celibate for 7 months.

"I have gone seven months without sex and I am still going strong.

I feel better, and my perspective on everything has changed." She said

It is not clear whether she has broken the vow or not.

Anerlisa Muigai
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Daddy Owen

In November 2022 Singer Daddy Owen sparked controversy after revealing that he has been celibate for two years since his marriage crumbled.

According to him being busy helps him beat temptations.

"I'm not looking for a woman anymore, there's so much going on and so much work to do. I honestly don't think I want a woman in my life again because if it's about having kids I have one. What else am I looking for? I have a child, a boy actually.

I've never had that urge, it's been two years now and I'm doing fine, actually perfect," He shared.

Owen has not yet remarried thus we are not sure if he has broken his vows or not.

Daddy Owen
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