How DJ Slahver and bae Nicah The Queen have remained celibate for 2 years

Slahver and Nicah The Queen have been together for two years.

• They are waiting till marriage.

• Nicah The Queen says she decided to be celibate even before she met her current bae DJ Slahver.

in a file photo
Nicah with DJ Slahver in a file photo
Image: Instagram

DJ Slahver has revealed how he and his bae Nicah The Queen have been able to remain celibate for almost two years.

He says being friends has ensured they focus on other things rather than sex.

Speaking during a presser with local media houses, he shared;

"Our relationship has been held by friendship.

We were friends first before I moved on to be her music manager.

That means intimacy is not the main focus."

Nicah revealed that they have learned how to maintain boundaries.

"We sleep in different rooms even when on vacations.

Slahver has waited for this long and I know it's possible, even though sijui kama ananyonga ama anasource kwingine.

We kiss, we hug but there are boundaries we do not cross."

She further added;

"This generation we have normalized sex, it is so wrong."

 Nicah has often been criticized for her dressing.

In an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, she narrated'

Ni mimi navaa, niko comfortable that's all that is important because at the end of the day, I will dress in what makes me comfortable".

She further explained that she is disadvantaged because she is a thick woman "ningekua petite hakuna mtu angeongea."

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