Celebs who have quit drinking alcohol

• 59% of alcohol sold in Kenya is illicit. Six bottles out of 10 are illicit.- Eric Githua, The chairman of the Alcoholic Beverages Association of Kenya

Celebrities who quit drinking alcohol

The modern lifestyle has seen an up rise in the consumption of alcohol.

Sadly some of these cases lead in addiction for some people.

Eric Githua, The chairman of the Alcoholic Beverages Association of Kenya (ABAK) recently revealed that 60 percent of alcohol sold in Kenyan stores is illegal.

Githua expressed his concerns about the quality of alcoholic beverages in the country and warned that the proposed tax law could worsen the situation.

"We have a major issue with illicit alcohol. Last year we realised that up to 59% of alcohol sold in Kenya is illicit. Six bottles out of 10 are illicit."

Below are celebrities who chose to quit alcohol and why.

1. Dr Ofweneke

In May 2024, Ofweneke took to his socials to celebrate a month of being sober.

He furtehr revealed before his decision he could down 2 bottles of Whisky.

"From consuming an average of 2 whiskey bottles a day to celebrating my first month of being sober today," started the father of 2 as he announced his decision to join the teetotaler camp.

He went on to add that through tightening his relationship with God he had been able to beat his thirst for alcohol and was doing so much better

"My thirst has turned into spending time with God in prayer and worship, l no longer feel physical, being in the spirit 24 hours and enjoying the presence of God and hearing from him is too sweet. My addiction to spending time with God is growing crazy everyday.

Dr. Ofweneke
Image: Instagram

2. Rommy Jons

Rommy Jons who is brother to Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz has been sober for years.

Explaining the reason behind his soberness, Romy said he wanted to focus on achieving his dreams.

In an interview with Simulizi Na Sauti, he stated he had been sober for 8 years as of 2024.

"I no longer drink. I stopped drinking in 2016. I stopped because it was too much. I manifested that I would become the biggest Dj plus an artiste, and I still do, and to get to that level I had to stop drinking. I wanted to go to the same level as Tyler Perry, Yani I want the world to see what I have. So to achieve this, I should stop drinking or any other substance. "

Diamond Platnumz with his brother Romy Jons

3. Mike Mondo

Mike Mondo quit alcohol because of his health.

In a past interview he revealed he had his first drink at age 10, after sneaking and consuming his dad's alcohol.

Mike Mondo
Image: Instagram

4. Vanessa Mdee

The celebrated US based Tanzanian artist has been sober for four years plus.

She termed it as one of the best decisions ever.

“I don’t drink alcohol I’m almost four years without an alcoholic beverage I’m so proud of myself, its actually one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Vanessa Mdee
Image: Instagram

5.Janet Mbugua

The media personality increasing reliance on alcohol  made her quit.

While she acknowledged that she didn’t have a severe drinking problem, she admitted that she had used alcohol as a coping mechanism.

“I did not have an attachment to or have a dangerous drinking habit; I must mention that. I just wanted to make that clear,” Janet clarified at the beginning of her video.

She went on to explain that her fear of potentially developing an addiction played a significant role in her decision to quit alcohol.

“If I had a bad day, I’d just have a glass of wine; I’m going out, I’m stressed, I’d have some alcohol. Whatever it was, I’d just sort of use it to cope. It didn’t become this dangerous pattern, but it could have,” Janet revealed.

Janet Mbugua

6. MC Gogo

Celebrated hype master MC Gogo only drinks water.

He used to drink but stopped at some point.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, he shared.

"There was a point in life I was drinking,I only drink water on stage 24/7 during club gigs. Most people do not want to see me sober, I am tempted but if I was an alcohol person I would blackout daily. Imagine like 20 people in a club offering you shots. In a weeks I go to at least three clubs."

MC Gogo

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