Vulnerable Anerlisa soberly explains 'drunk' video clips

• The Keroche heiress had elicited a lot of concerns among her fans and followers after videos of her looking intoxicated spread like wildfire online.

Anerlisa Muigai
Image: Instagram

Anerlisa Muigai stirred conversations among Kenyans earlier this month during her birthday celebration, where she appeared seemingly intoxicated.

Videos from her elaborate white-themed party showed her holding a knife to cut her birthday cake, struggling to speak, and being supported by concerned friends.

In response to the discussions, Anerlisa took to her online channels to address the matter. She acknowledged her state during the celebration and issued a brief apology.

In her statement, she mentioned going through challenging times in the past weeks but assured her followers that she was now back on track.

"I might trip, but won't fall. Was going through a lot the past weeks, but I am now back up. The sober Anerlisa is back," she stated.

Anerlisa expressed gratitude to her friends, family, and celebrity friends who reached out during her challenging time.

She also apologized to everyone who might have been affected, explaining that she needed to release everything and now feels much better.

She concluded her message with the hashtags #GodFirst and #WeAllBreakSometimes, emphasizing her love for everyone who supports her.

Anerlisa Mugai's screenshot
Image: Instagram

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