Dem wa Kibera goes bald as she re-brands herself after 'Mzae's death

• Dem wa Kibera has finished mourning her dead 'husband' and rebranded herself 

manzi wa kibera aka Dem wa Kibera new look
manzi wa kibera aka Dem wa Kibera new look

Manzi aka Dem wa Kibera has completed the mourning period for the man many believed was her husband, with an announcement she has rebranded.

Mzae aka Mzee Nzioki, died aged 67 in April. She admitted to having faked a relationship with him. 

The Kibera born socialite has also shaved off her hair to signify she is starting a new life.

Premiering her hair on the Mungai Eve show Friday May 31, Dem wa Kibera insisted that she is done with her clout chasing actions.

Manzi Wa Kibera with one of her first older men.
Image: Instagram/Manzi Wa Kibera

She even has new social media accounts.

"It's a whole new me. Manzi wa Kibera was another whole...nilifika mahali sikuipenda"

With her new look she is confident she will attract brands. "singeomoka, nilikuwa na jokes mob"

She also admitted to social media rumors that had been swirling for years that she has a child. 

"Yes I'm a mum, I will show people when the right time comes"

Wambo has been in the industry for five years, and she expressed regret that she didn't use that opportunity to grow positively.

"The fame and the money hazipelekani. Right now I am trying to clean my brand, to stop twerking, socialite siezi kosa kukuwa. I'm trying to be a bigger socialite with a clean brand. " she talked about gigs such as hosting 


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