Special way Manzi wa Kibera will honour her late bae, Mzae

• Mzae's children are also crying out for help in the wake of their fathers death.

Manzi Wa Kibera with one of her first older men.
Image: Instagram/Manzi Wa Kibera

Socialite Manzi wa Kibera got emotional viewing the body of her late boyfriend named Mzae. Mzae passed away a few days ago, and the grieving socialite with family and friends visited City Mortuary to view his body on April 23.

She plans to remember him with a tattoo, recalling how much online fans loved their first TikTok live session,

"The memories are many, I remember how I got 1.5klikes. All because of him. I think I may bury him with those videos.

"I fear the pain of getting tattoos. But for mzae I will look for an artist who can draw an artificial one and I don't feel pain si mind kumchora. Also, I will bury him with all the matching clothes we had. T-shirt ndio nitabaki nayo niweke kwa frame."

The 23-year-old cried out about being unable to view his body at first. "Sina nguvu," she told a friend who helped hold her.

Wambo told the friend that she needed to relax and would come back another time to view his body. Two days ago, she described how his family delivered news to her that he had not been feeling well.

"They called me then they told me send me something he is not feeling good. So I sent them sh1000 the first time."

A day ago, Wambo, her new boyfriend, and Mzae shared a video where the trio were having a meal. She sat in between the two men as they leaned over enjoying chicken.

"Rest In Peace, Sammy Ndunda," she eulogised him.

Mzae's children are appealing for financial help to give their father a good send-off.

Josephine Kanini told how he lived with chest problems and often complained to them he wasn't feeling well,

"Before last Sunday I was called and told he is suffering. Aliniambia ameenda kwa nyumba yake amelemewa. When she went back to check on him, she found he was dead."

She added that it was raining heavily at the time, and she could not access his house. 

"We are poor, most of us don't have work, if people can help us give him a decent send-off. He was a very nice man, loved by many. He never had problems with people, my dad was a good parent to us," she continued.

Manzi wa Kibera met Mzae's daughter, son and grandchild for the first time when pleading for help to bury him

"We have now accepted his death. We will be fine."

The family plans to bury him at Langata Cemetery over land disputes in his rural home.

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