Sh4k - The most Stevo Simple Boy has spent on a woman

• The highest amount Stevo has spent on a woman was sh4,000

during and interview with Mpasho.
Stevo Simple Boy during and interview with Mpasho.

Stevo Simple Boy is a man who knows how to lavishly spoil his girls.

The Kibra singer told blogger Dean Martin he once treated a girl with sh4,000, the highest amount he has ever spent on a woman.

"Ikienda sana ni elfu nne. Sababu gani? When you want to know a woman who genuinely loves you, she will be with you rich and poor. But the one with you only in good times is not the real woman. " 

He told women to stop feeling entitled to men's money.

The qualities he looks for in a woman?

"I have lived with many girlfriends and right now they are coming to me in droves. They want 3 things from me - umaarufu, pesa na ile kitu niko nacho"

He said that those qualities in him make women fight over him.

"Yani they want to interact with me, they say they love me and want to give me babies. Lakini mimi si mtu wa kufanya usherati" 

He wants a religious woman, God-fearing, hard-working, and respectful. The size doesn't matter "whether one GB, 2GB, or 10GB, what is important is her character

Meanwhile, the artiste is celebrating the success of his latest song Shega, crediting 2 influential men for it. 

He also appealed to Kenyans for support, taking issue with the fact that he feels citizens don't take him seriously.

"What pains me is those who say I am not a musician and dismiss my efforts. Usichukulie mtu ka hawezi" he begged.

"I deserve more credit, please help support my music, give me my flowers when I am alive, not dead," he said about what pains him 

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